Sunday, 14 August 2016

Mountain of Fire and Miracles deny drug traffickers

Eight Nigerians Francis Nnamdi 30, Sunday Nwabuisi 31, Nnamezie Victor 30, Izuchukwu Chukwuma 40,Maduka Simon Ukandu, Favour Nnabuife 36,  Okorom Kizito 35 and Tony Mmaduka have been arrested and arraigned for drug peddling in Cambodia.
They were alleged to have used MFM premises to transact their illicit business. Amongst them is Cambodian, Mon Vinyong 25.

Punch reports that they face life  imprisonment if found guilty which is better than the death sentence in many Asian countries. A final verdict is expected in September. After hearing the news MFM church made a statement denying thy are members of their church. 

They insisted their church is still open and the pastor is active presently in the church with this ministry. The rebuffed the suspicion that they could be involved in missionary work.

According to them MFM is the only black church where blacks attend as it is a Muslim nation so such allegation is a way of trying to drag down the name of the church to the mud.And a lawyer has been employed to prove otherwise and rebuff such claims.

According to The Cambodia Daily, during the hearing, Vinyong claimed that she received mobile phone boxes from Chukwuonye in 2014 but did not know the boxes were filled with drugs. The Cambodian claimed she only acted as courier delivering their goods without knowing the content and earned $100 per day.

The Cambodian publication noted that the eight Nigerians “operated out of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles after meeting and became friends in the church.


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