Sunday, 14 August 2016

Michael Phelps retires from Olympics as the 'GREATEST SWIMMER' ever with 28medals

Michael Phelps the greatest athlete of all time has finally bids the sport that gave him 23 medals good bye.

According to dailymail he was very emotional on his final night after his final race after he helped his team mates Ryan Murphy,Cody Miller and Nathan Adrian get another medal in the 4/400 metres.

His family, his fiance and son including his mom watched with tears from their eyes from the stands.

Phelps expressed his joy and delight on how good he felt and how hard work can pay off. After his first Olympics in Australia as a 15year old and the youngest male to to make a US Olympic swim team in 68years where he left without a medal, he has gone on to clinch 28 medals afterwards.

 So he has had a pretty good career and deserved retirement. Phelps went through a lot in the last two years but overcame his adversity to make a successful come back at Rio.

The crowd rose to salute Phelps as chants of USA were drowned out by cries of adulation in a dozen or more languages afterwards he was congratulated by his teammates and opponents as they also shook his hands one after the other.


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