Friday, 12 August 2016

Michael Phelps beats old rival to clinch 22nd gold medal

Michael Phelps got another win in the 200m race to clinch his 22nd gold medal. He was applauded for is feat with the crowd chanting USA.

Lochte who has been racing with him for the past 12years came fifth.Although he has been struggling with a groin injury he appeared to be a little bit disappointed at his performance which he said could be his last as he was about taking a mental break from the sport.
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Japan's Kosuke Hagino took the silver while Wang Shun of China clinched the bronze.

 Lochte was second half way but slowed down a bit making Kosuko and the others overtake him.

 Lochte has lost all three times he competed with Phelps in the men's 200m. 

Inspite of it all there was no bad blood between them as they hugged it out after the race. Phelps expressed his excitement saying it was still a dream for him to get another gold medal as he took the podium. He paid tribute to his family who where in attendance. Hi mom and son Boomer.

On the other hand Lochte has refused to confirm if he was retiring from the sport following his statement on taking a break. He only commented on things he might want to change if he has to come back in the next four years.

 He further stated it was a dream come true to go against Phelps who is the most decorated Olympian of all time because he has contributed immensely to the game and changed the sports. The two sportsmen both won gold for the relay and Lochte twitted with a picture saying'
'One last time!' he wrote, including the hashtags #longjourney and #12years. 

Phelps next race will be against South African's Chad Le Clos in the men's 100m butterfly semifinals


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