Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Mexican grandfather comes home two months after he died and was cremated

Michael Angel Gomar De Luna 74, escaped his nursing home in Mexico to go for a few drinks when he did not show up after two months he was declared missing.

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According to Mirror, police found a decomposed corpse that fitted his age and description hence the family signed for the body as police warned even after his daughter was skeptical it was not her father that they will not be able to claim the body later on making them collect the body and cremated him.

However, he appeared two months after the cremation after sleeping on the streets and begging for food. Police found him and took him back home to his family.

In a video posted online, the grandfather said: 'They thought I was dead, but I just walk and walk.' Th family now faces a bureaucratic nightmare to claim him his identity after declaring him dead.



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