Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Members of Boko - Haram flee to Europe

Food scarcity has hit hard in the North East camps of Boko - Haram members. This has led to a large number of them leaving their camps to Europe .

According to Daily-Mail suicide bombers and militants are travelling to Syria to join other Islamic fighetr aand entering Europe as refugees. An information from Nigeria's National Intelligence Agency stated that they will start showing up at the Mediterranean's shores.Some of this people are young children as young as 10. They have been trained and indoctrinated.

Intelligence sources also reported that  human traffickers from the ISIS-backed terror group were transporting girls and young men across the Sahara into Libya.

The situation, they said, was even more worrisome because “five children are dying an hour with 250,000 at risk of starvation while parliament remains hamstrung in a political wrangle.”

The crisis is being blamed on the instability in the Senate attributed to the criminal charges pressed by the Federal Government against the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki.

Daily Mail quoted an intelligence source as saying that Saraki’s prosecution had been obstructing his attempt to get the Senate to pass a motion to grant £215m in aid to tackle the emergency in the North-East.

He said, “This case needs a swift conclusion for the country to unite and tackle the very serious issues of famine, security and a stumbling economy.

He said the situation was not justifiable after Britain had committed to spending £860m foreign aid to Nigeria, to help support the country’s efforts to crush Boko Haram terror group.

The report quoted a British public health expert who has just returned from Borno region, Dr. Yodi Alakija, as describing the situation as an “international crisis.”


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