Friday, 12 August 2016

Manchester United Striker Zlan Ibrahimovic fights back

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Swedish and Manchester United striker Zlan Ibrahimovic has come out to defend himself.

With claims that he is arrogant, he has rebuffed such claims saying they are unfair and not warranted.

The 34 year old who is preparing for his debut at Manchester united striker in the premier league according to Sky sports further stressed that he doesn't perceive himself to be arrogant the way people have been stressing it. 

He said hes just a confident human being that believes in himself. And said it that confidence, passion and drive that has ensured he won the league, getting personal honours  in four different continents. 

He regretted the fact that people try to believe he is something else. And insisted he is just a normal family man that loves his family and stays true to his believe. What he is on the pitch is a different ball game at home. Its all about winning on the pitch and if you have to be a lion to win, then that's what he is.

But he will always love and take good care of his family


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