Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Man tries to open the plane door mid - air

A plane going to Seatttle had to be diverted.
The plane an Alaskan airline was travelling from NewYork when a man tried to open the door mid air.

According to Dailymail the man freaked out and wanted to go of the plane hence his actions. Another man identified as Godwin said the man who should be in his 20's had been acting erratically. He fell asleep when given a drink afterwards he said he needed to cancel the flight and get off the plane.

The flight crew had to wrestle him making the pilot divert to Minnesota. One of the pilots was heard from the control rrom saying one passenger will be dropped early as they tried landing in Minnesota.

Police were waiting at the terminal and boarded the plane before escorting the passenger into the airport.

Airport spokesmen say the man was questioned and deemed to be a danger to himself, and so was taken to hospital. It is unclear if he will face charges. 

The plane eventually arrived in Seattle around three hours late.

Alaskan Airlines say it is impossible to open the door of a plane during the flight because of the difference in pressure between inside and outside the craft.


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