Monday, 29 August 2016

Los Angeles Airport evacuated amidst fears of an attack

Los Angeles airport had to be evacuated for sometime.

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This was due to the fact that there was fears of an attack as calls were made to Police officers because a man was dressed all in black with a hat and sword like the Zoro character in 'Mask of Zoro'.

Mirror reports that the sword held by the man was a pastic sword although the busy airport had to be evacuated for initial fears on a shooting. The LAPD officers later posted on Twitter 'Report of shooting at LAX proven to be loud noises only shots fired no injuries investigation continues to locate source.

The man was arrested and later told ABC that he wasn't aware of the panic at the airport and was actually surprised at it.H e went further describing the incident how he was handcuffed and turned him over and also how two terminals had to be closed down because of him.

The central terminals arrival and departures areas as well as all other terminals re-opened after two hours.


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