Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lion kills a baby on live TV?

A lion used for a TV show almost ate the baby on live TV during a women's show called 'Con Sello de Mujer'.

Luckily, the toddler started crying uncontrollably which made the lion panic a bit from the cry. But before the cry, two trainers brought in the lion,on seeing the lion  the baby started whinging in a high pitched voice. This triggered something in the lion that made it go for the baby according to the mirror.

The two trainers tried calming down the mother who wanted to take the baby away in the process aggravating the lion the more. They encouraged the woman to relax in spanish.

Luckily because the animal was still small, the two trainers were able to get a hold of it and pull it off.The mother afterwards started laughing hysterically making viewers believe she was still on shock.


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