Monday, 22 August 2016

Lecturer stabs wife 76 times to death

A lecturer Robert Kerr 39 years old  stabbed his wife Xin Xin to death while their two sons were asleep in Newton Mearns their suburban home near Glasgow.


According to Mirror, XinXin was stabbed 76times  because her husband felt he was not the father of the children. An accusation which was false. 

 Kerr made a hot drink before carrying out the act where she suffered 70 wounds in April in a painful death. Kerr has pleaded guilty but on the grounds of diminished responsibility. His lawyers are suggesting that he was facing abnormality of the mind at the time of the attack. 

According to sources XinXin's mom moved to China about 15years ago to further her studies in Aberdeen.  That's where XinXin met Kerr and in 2003 they got married. He was  a lecturer and she a translator.

They were described as a "quiet and private couple", but, in early April this year - weeks before the killing - Kerr had contacted his GP complaining of stress in respect of "work and personal issues".
Kerr added he was suffering from anxiety, insomnia and spoke about "paranoid feelings".

 He eventually went to report about feeling better prior to the attack. Unfortunately on 26 April, he called 911 admitting he had killed his wife.


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