Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Justin Timberlake hosts successful fundraiser for Hillary. Check out the celebrities present

Actor and Musician Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel held a successful fund raiser for Democrat Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

USA today reports that the fund raiser was a hit with the likes of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, Shonda Rhimes.   Jennifer Meyers Tobi Maguire's wife all present. Justin and wife were last minute pick fro the $33,000 fundraiser a sit when Leonardo Dicaprio cancelled due to conflicting schedules.

Wow said Justin Timberlake in his tweet. He posted some pictures from the fundraiser on instagram. According   to reports about  $3m dollars was raised for Hillary with about 100 guests present. And it was obvious the Hollywood weights had alot of fun.

Hillary started the trip off taping a segment with Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, joking with the host in an effort to debunk rumors from the Republican camp about her health.
After Kimmel, Clinton headed to a fundraiser for 500 at the Beverly Hills home of ex-NBA icon Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie. She'll move to the Palo Alto area on Wednesday where she'll attend two fundraisers, one of them hosted by Apple CEO Tim Cook, according to the Mercury News in San Jose.

With all the Hollywood support will it favour her over Trump. Only time will tell.


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