Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Just hours after impeaching their first female President over corruption charges, Brazil swears in a new one

Dilma Rouseff the first female Brazilian President was voted out of seat by the senate permanently. This was due to financial corruption charges levied on her. 

According to daily-mail a separate vote will ensue if she will be barred from holding  public. 

Sources reveal she illegally used money from state banks to boost public spending in order to patch budget holes in 2014 making the country go deeper into recession in decades.

The senate voted to convict her by 61 votes to 20 however Rouseff who was jailed and tortured in the 1970's during the country's dictatorship is not just sitting down with the verdict levied against her.She tweeted that the Senate was ignoring th will of the Brazilian people.She insisted that the people who were in charge of the impeaching her were indeed corrupt and putting Brazil's democracy in danger while she is innocent.

She stated that she fears for the death of democracy, for which many people fought for.
The impeachment process has polarized the Latin American country and paralysed its politics for nine months. 

Mr Termer who was sworn in is expected to address the nation later today. The conservative former Vice President Michel Temer, who has run the country since her suspension in May, was sworn to serve out the remainder of her term through 2018.


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