Thursday, 11 August 2016

ISIS throws a gayman off the roof for corrupting people's mind

Homosexuality is illegal under the law of ISIS hence the reason they give in killing gay men.

Daily mirror reports that the islamic fundamentalist sentenced a man to death for being gay.

According to them he was corrupting people's mind by being gay. A video was released of the man's final moments. The video was titled ' Authority of Sharia law' was from Al - jazeera the stronghold city of ISIS in Mosul. He was found guilty of corruption of thoughts before been thrown from a high rise building.

People gathered to watch the eecution with the exeception of women. The people present were warned to desist from homosexuality. ISIS also condemned the corruption of Iraqi officials.

There has been continous executions of  homosexuality and one inckuded a young bou raped by an ISIS  chiefthat was demoted.


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