Saturday, 27 August 2016

ISIS pray for Donald Trump win for easy recruitment of members

November is drawing closer and the two presidential nominees are campaigning harder.
With Donald Trump's policy on Muslims ISIS recruiters are praying for his victory because they feel it will help attract more jiihadis to their cause.

Dailymail gathered the analysis of ISIS channels on anonymous apps reveals Trump is a likely candidate.One member says 'i ask Allah to deliver America to Trump.

Trump who believes Clinton and Obama's failed policies created ISIS has made several remarks which they feel are good tools for them to use.
They believe that forcing Muslims to register on a database and increased surveillance of mosques will make for easier radicalization' Also his ban on Muslims into America nad using worse interrogation tactics will help them convincing fragile youths to join them and lastly ISIS philosophy where they feel the West will be crushed opening the door for a worldwide Islamic caliphate and a new dominance of extremist due to Trump's inflammatory rhetoric.

Part of their group the Al Shabaab succeeded using Trump's speech in January calling for complete and total shutdown of Muslins from America. 


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