Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Iraq to hang 36 ISIS fighters for the notorious massacre of 1,700 soldiers

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The president of Iraq, Fuad Masum has  announced the execution of 36 ISIS fighters this week who viciously killed 1,700 Iraqi soldiers .

Mirror gathered that there has been several protests ffrom human rights groups with the Iraqi president turning a blind eye to them and approving the execution. Some soldiers who survived the attack on 12 June, 2014 narrated the horrible ordeal of how their colleagues were slaughtered.

 ISIS fighters  packed hundreds of men in a truck and tld them they will return them back to their families but diverted to a nearby river,lined them up and shot them at close range.

Photos from the scene showed masked ISIS fighters tying up the cadets and firing at them as they lay down in mass graves in the desert.

President Fuad approved the killing after watching the video and identifying the men who did it but human rights activists are saying they were made to confess under duress and their lawyers did a poor job in defending them.


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