Sunday, 7 August 2016

Iran's nuclear scientist executed

Shahram Amiri an Iranian nuclear scientist accused of giving information to the CIA in the exchange for money.
According to daily mail the money was as high as $5m. After the execution his hanged body was returned back to his family.

According to sources he went missing in 2009 after leaving for Mecca but appeared in a video recorded in the US where he claimed to be under pressure to reveal sensitive information to the intelligence agency.

In interviews he has claimed he was drugged, put on a plane, and then kept under 'psychological pressure' at an undisclosed location in the U.S.

There he was asked to hand over classified documents, but he claims he never did as he didn't want to betray his country.  

He then walked into the Iranian interests section at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington and demanded to be sent home.  

He came back to a heroes welcome and insisted he was a 'simple researcher'. 
Amiri worked for a university affiliated with Tehran's extensive nuclear program.
He is said to have had an in-depth knowledge of Iran's nuclear program and was kept at a secret location after returning to the country.

On Sunday, an Iranian judicial spokesman confirmed the execution had taken place.
He told the Mizan Online news site: 'Shahram Amiri was hanged for revealing the country's top secrets to the enemy (US).'

But his family confirmed to the BBC he had been given a lengthy jail sentence after returning to the Middle East. 

The State Department declined to comment on Amiri's execution. 


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