Friday, 12 August 2016

Huge fire engulfs music festival site

Boomtown festival is is a festival that hosts many music stars in Winchester. According to reports it can host as many as 50,000people and usually takes place in Hamsphire.
It started in 2009 from an underground  and since then has become one of UK's biggest festivals.Every type of music genre is celebrated there from folk to gypsy, reggae, jazz and the list goes on.

According to mirror,  a huge fire that started without any warning engulfed the whole car park to unsuspecting audience. About 80 cars were burnt . Fire fighters were called from the South Central Ambulance Services Hazardous Area Response Team.

Fortunately no causalities were recorded and the fires were put under control. The festivals website assures everybody's safety and thanks the team for their support.

 They went further to state that the festival is regarded as a very humble one where thousands of people are invited. When they arrive they experiene an opportunity of a lifetime where they go through immersive audio-visual joyride, dancing through the labyrinthine streets and plazas on a non-stop weekend journey of discovery.


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