Thursday, 25 August 2016

Horrific moment a woman is eaten alive by a pack of 100 stray dogs

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Siluvaamma was a 65 year old Indian woman who was eaten alive by 100 stray dogs.
She was reported to have gone to the beach in Kerala, south India at night with her son when the unfortunate incident happened.

Mirror gathered that her son was able to run into the water to avoid being attacked by the dogs. By the time he came back his mom's bother had been ripped apart by the dogs with blood all over her body.
Sources have complained of the increase in stray dogs and dog attacks in India. With a law that forbids the elimination of dogs people are growing frustrated as to what to do with the dogs that have rendered havoc in the community.

Another woman, Daisy 52 years old was attacked by stray dogs but she survived the attack and was taken to the hospital where she was treated and given anti rabies injection.


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