Monday, 29 August 2016

HIV positive woman injects 12 year old boy with her body fluid

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A 32 year old HIV positive woman pricked a 12year old boy with her syringe containing her body fluids.

The lady,Jacqueline O'Neal said in court she pricked the boy with the needle because he flushed her drugs down the toilet.

 The boy went to her house with one of her relatives where drugs including heroin were lying around. He took the drug and flushed them. A struggle ensued and since she was under the influence she kept waving the needle until it pricked him.

She said in court that she was trying to take the needle from him when it pricked him. Jacqueline O’Neil, 32, admitted “culpably and recklessly” pricking the 12-year-old with a syringe containing her body fluids

Sheriff Lorna Drummond deferred sentence until next month and O’Neil was released on bail.


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