Monday, 29 August 2016

Hitmaker Mariah Carey's HIV positive sister arrested for prostitution

Legendary singer Mariah Carey who is reportedly engaged to her billionaire fiance might not be too happy right now.

 Her sister Alison Carey who is reportedly HIV positive was arrested in Saugerities on Friday for prostitution. The hotel where she works has been on investigation by the police before they went ahead to make arrests.

According to National Post 55year old Carey solicited money in exchange for sex from an undercover cop using the lyrics from her famous sister Mariah's 1995 hit 'Fantasy'. She said 'Its such a sweet,sweet fantasy baby, when I close my eyes I come and take you on and on .

She has been estranged from her sister for years and has filmed a video begging her for help.

Police has informed the public of anyone who has had sexual intercourse with her should contact their doctors as she is HIV positive. She is due to court on 30 August.


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