Thursday, 4 August 2016

Head of ISIS Sinai branch killed by Egypt airstrike

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It has been confirmed that one of the head of ISIS has been killed by airstrikes.

Abu Duaa al-Ansari was the leader of the Sinai branch of the Islamic state and Levant group.He died from series of air strikes from Egypt's military in the south of the Peninsula's el Arish town according to Aljazeera.

He was killed among with 45 other ISIS members as the operation was intelligently and carefully planned according to Brigadier General Mohammed Samir the military chief spokesperson. It was posted on his facebook page.

He further stated that the army ddestroyed arms and ammunition stores used by the group bt did not say when the operation took place. Egyptian fores for some time have been trying to oust the group but it has proved a difficult task until this recent developemnt.

The campaign has killed many soldiers in their hundreds and also targeted western interests within the country. ISIS presently controls large part of Iraq, Syria and also Libya which shares boarders with Egypt.


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