Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Have you tried cupping or even heard of it? Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps swears by it

Micheal Phelps on Sunday won his 19th Olympic gold. This is after he came out of retierment. He attributed part of his success to the technique of cupping that help relieve his pains and made him more relaxed.

He was seen with the cup signs on his back and shoulders as with Gwyneth Paltrow , Jennifer Aniston and Lena Dunham who have all gone the same route.

Huffingtonpost gathered that apart from Phelps, other US Olympians indulged in the alternative therapy and found healing and relief. Cupping is traced to the ancient Egypt, middle east and China.

It is said to increase blood flow and stimulate energy or qi where applied. However no studies has shown to increase athletes performance  but could treat an athletes sore muscles ,chronic pain, migraines and facial condition.

According to some researchers when combined with other alternative medicine could treat chronic headache,acne,herpes zoster,facial paralysis  than other pharmaceutical/ traditional treatments.

They also noted that there may be a publishing bias, in that researchers only bother to publish positive results about cupping and other traditional therapies, which doesn’t allow others to examine and assess any possible negative effects.

Some researchers feel it doesn't hurt to give it a try just as Michael Phelps did. But the question remains is it as effective as its claims?


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