Monday, 8 August 2016

Grandmother dies while celebrating her Grandson's win at RIO

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Thai just had a bitter sweet victory. Their own just won the Olympic bronze in Rio. Their second medal and it was in weightlifting.
The first was Sopita Tanasan she is the fourth Thai woman to ever win a weightlifting Olympic gold.

According to Guardian this feat made his grand-mom to celebrate the win to the extent she passed on. She was 84 years old and was watching the competition live where her 20 year old grandson took thied to clinch the bronze for this country.

The video went viral showing where the grandmother Subin Khongthap collapsed while celebrating her grandson after watching the competition. Sources said the people present actually taught it was heartfailure but they ware all waiting for the results from tests done on her body.

The grandma complained of how much she missed her grandchild during an interview. And praised his hardwork and his choice of sports saying she was overjoyed oon his journey and how far he had gone.

In her words “I cheer him on, fight fight! I miss my grandson and want him to be successful. He does this for the country to bring the gold medal back.” 


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