Wednesday, 24 August 2016

French police force mom to remove muslim garment on beach

 In a bid to enforce the burkin ban by French authrities. The French police fined a muslim woman £32 and ordered her to remove her muslim dress on the beach.

Mirror learnt th at Siam a mom of two wore a baggy blue hooded top with leggings and four officers in nice ordered her to take it off.The former air hostess who is a French citizen was soaking up in the sun before she was approached by the officers.

 The Nice administration isssued an order on Thursday baning swimwear with religious connotations citing security reasons.Other cities in France have done the same leading to officials arguing that the full body wetsuit with a hood oppresses wome and violates France's secular principles while many see it as discrimnatory.

On Monday some judges upheld the 'burkini ban' in the resort of Villeneure-Loubet citing that it was liable to cause violence as it might provoke many people who could resort to violence especially during a time in France that has put the country in a state of emergency.

 Two Human rights groups have challenged the ban. They argued that since the garment does not cover the face it wasn't necessary to ban it and it was a petty decision designed to spread hatred against a small group of muslim family especialy mothers and grandmothers.

However other Judges see it differently. they say the ban is appropriate and very necessary witht he current situation in France.


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