Sunday, 7 August 2016

French Gymnast breaks leg in a horrific way

Samir Ait, a French athlete competing for Mens vault at the Rio Olympics unfortunately broke his leg.

It came with a very loud band and according to dailymirror hedid not nmake a sound from the pain. That was very brave of him.

Said was reportedly competing for the Men's vault qualification when he landed in an awkward position, breaking his leg in the process.

Sources said it was so loud it echoed through the arena.He laid motionless  as hew was stretchered away from the the building by paramedics. Corrine Moustard Callon confirmed the incident and said he was now in the hospital awaiting results from this exam s but the legs is broken.

He stressed it was a very difficult time for the entire team. The 26 year old previously won the god and is famous on the ring and vault and is very good at it.

A very friendly individual according to sources who will do whatever it takes to put in his best in every game. He always put in 200% according to another source.

Wishing him a speedy recovery.


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