Saturday, 27 August 2016

Forty Knives removed from a man's stomach

Dr Jainder Malhorta in his interview with CNN talked about some of the frightening experiences they face as surgeons.
One of them which is removing 40 knives from a 42 year old father of two's stomach in India. He admitted he had never seen anything like that before in his 20years of practice.

According to him the man had been swallowing foldable knives and they had to be surgicaly removed. It took a team of doctors 2days to carry out a plan as to what his problems were, the possible solution and  the plan for surgery.

The patient admitted to swallowing some folded and unfoldable knives.Dr Jainder said some of the knives were open,some were not and some rusted when they carried out the surgery.

The patient has come out to praise the doctors and apologized for his selfish act. Admitting he didn't know why he did such .He is still under observation and supervision in a  psychiatric team and will be visited by mental health professional.


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