Thursday, 25 August 2016

Five friends mysteriously die on a beach

Five friends die mysteriously at Camber sands beach yesterday. They were Nitharsan Ravi 22, Inthushan Sri and brothers Kobi and Ken Nathan. 

                                                     Ken Nathan

                                                           Nitharsan Ravi

                                                           Kurushanth Ann
                                                      Kobi Nathan
                                                                Inthrusan Sri

 Four out of five of them were pulled from the sea at Sussex. A family friend confirmed the identity of one of them saying they don't know any other thing fr the time been as they still wait for information from investigators.

The father of one of them according to Mirror spoke to the Evening standard saying he was too sad to comment and that his kids were going to be missed. Nitharsan one of the victims was a student at university of Brighton. His friends have been changing their profile to his face on facebook. Rescuers believe the friends died because they did not realise the tide will come in quickly as they went for a swim.

Friends and family have been sending in their condolences on social media. They were all from London and in their teens and 20s. They only visited the popular Sussex resort on a day trip together on the hottest day of the year. Some say they were migrants as they were fully clothed when they were dragged from the water.

May their souls rest in peace.


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