Friday, 12 August 2016

Explosions hit Thailand's tourist spot

Thailand's resort town of Phuket and Hua Hin mostly for tourist experienced four blasts in 24 hours Thursday and Friday.

BBC reports that the blast has led to four deaths coincidentally a very terrible time as the Friday holidays marked the queen's birthday. 

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Both places are popular for their beaches where tourist flock to.An Englsih tourist talked how he narrowly missed on of the explosions in Hua Hin.According to him he after just after the attacks. So he was lucky not have been there when it happened.

 He said every body was running helter skelter ,some on scooters. They were just confused at to what had happened.

Police have been able to detain some suspects but have ruled out any link to ISIS or international terrorism. 

With fingers pointing at southern rebels,BBC's head in Bangkok suggested it will make a huge change of tactics which has seen the 12years conflict between the southern insurgency target more of Thai people than tourists. 

The southern Thais are mostly Muslims and there has been a growing Islamic insurgency since early 2000s.These insurgency tactics includes bombings,be headings and drive by shooting. Thais military, vigilantes and pro government retaliating with torture and execution of prisoners.

The explosions comes just few days before the one-year anniversary of a bomb blast at the Erawan shrine in Bangkok that killed 20 people.


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