Thursday, 11 August 2016

Donald Trump accusses Obama and Hillary as founders of ISIS

Donald Trump came up with new accusations levied against President Obama and Hillary Clinton, his running mate for the November Presidential elections.

At the end of a pointed leture he made the stunning claim that President Obama and his first secretary of state Hillary Clinton were the creators of ISIS terror army.

He said Obama created open power vacuums for ISIS to fill as he recounted the conditions that led al-Qaeda in Iraq to grow its ambitions. He stressed the fact that ISIS is honouring Obama and kept chanting he is their 'founder'. He went further and said Hillary Clinton is the co founder according to him crooked Hillary Clinton. 

This marked the first time he has Donald Trump claimed Wednesday night during a raucous south Florida campaign rally that President Barack Obama and his first secretary of state Hillary Clinton were the 'founder' and 'co-founder' of the ISIS terror army.
Trump also made claims that Obama pulled US forces out of Iraq on a predetermined date, which gave ISIS enough time and space to breathe.Minutes later in what may be interpreted as a dog-whistle to his Islamoskeptic fans, Trump uttered another rarity, referring to the president with his Arab middle name.

Responding to complaints that he had misinterpreted the recent geopolitics of Russia and Ukraine, he declared that the Crimea 'was taken' by Russian President Vladimir Putin 'during the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.'
Trump criticized Obama for failing to leave 'some small forces' behind in Iraq to keep order.
The result, he said, was predictable chaos with Iran the dominant aggressor but ISIS reclaiming dominance in broad swaths of Iraq.

He went on ranting that Iran and Iraq fought for four years and stopped. Then they'd fight for four more years. Saddam Hussein would drop gas, everybody would complain. Tremendous, tremendous carnage. And they'd stop. Then they'd start.'

'It would never change,' in Trump's reading of history, 'because you had military powers of essentially the same strength.'

'And then,' he said, President George W. Bush invaded Iraq and 'decimated one of the powers, and we unleashed fury all over the Middle East. And it was a terrible mistake.'

'And then Obama came in,' he continued. 'And normally you want to clean up. He made a bigger mess out of it. He made such a mess. And then you had Hillary with Libya. So sad.'

During the rally he also unveiled a number of new signs including one pitting himself against Clinton showing how much of their campaigns were funded by hedge funders.
He also unveiled a chart showing home ownership rates plummeting over the years


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