Monday, 29 August 2016

Doctors reveal the cause of death of Former Aviation minister's son

Turkish doctors in an Abuja clinic revealed that the former minister's son Maxwell Omabuwa Chinedu Etoromi died of brain hemorrhage.

According to Sahara reporters the medical doctors who pleaded anonymity said he was rushed to the ICU (intensive care unit of the hospital Zanklin medical centre and nothing could be done to revive him because he was already in coma.

Another doctor said he came to their Nizamiya hospital with a subarachnoid hemorrhage  on Thursday evening in a terrible coma and died 30 minutes later before anything could be done.

According to the doctors they had to issue a death certificate and wait for the proper cause of death before making any announcement to the family and loved ones.

This type of hemorrhage according to them could either be cause by traumatic head injury,  blood thinning medication used incorrectly or bleeding disorder. Another source said he was given wrong medication after a visit to the dentist which led to complications and eventually his death.

 May his soul rest in peace


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