Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Conjoined twins beat all odds at survival and start school

Conjoined twins Rosie and Ruby Formosa had little chances of survival after their four hour operation.  

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They were joined at the abdomen and separated in 2012 at Great Ormond hospital two hours after they were born.

Angela and Daniel their parents were warned that the identical twins had a low chance on survival when they found out they were conjoined.

 But to everyone's chagrin they are starting school next month with their sister Lily who is nine years old. They are very excited and accordingto their mom headstrong and determined.

Angela said: “At 16 weeks, they sent her to King’s College Hospital, where they found the connection between the girls. She  said she was  worried because  they were monoamniotic (where twins share an amniotic sac) and that type of conjoined was the worst outcome. She felt they might not even survive the pregnancy.

 According to her doctors couldn't really tell what was connecting them. Fortunately, they were born at University College, London by Caeserean section while their mom was 34 weeks pregnant.


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