Friday, 26 August 2016

Bolivian deputy minister murdered by miners

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The Bolivian government has reported the death of their deputy minister.

According to Los Angeles Times the minister went to negotiate with the protesting workers on Thursday when he met his untimely death.

Carlos Romero Illanes the late deputy minister has been in that position since march. He went to Panduro in an attempt to mediate with the miners after days of violent protests.

When he got there to negotiate, he was beaten to death. Bolivian miners kidnapped, tortured and beat to death a deputy minister who tried to negotiate with protesting workers on Thursday, in what the government condemned as a brutal murder.

“All He was found dead after sending a message that he was doing well with them. The culprits have been arrested and will be punished accordingly.

About 200 people have been detained.Miner demonstrations turned violent this week with protestors demanding mining concessions and the right to work for private or foreign companies.
Romero said Illanes had been convinced that they “could be persuaded and urged into a dialogue with the government… but he was intercepted.”

Bolivia’s attorney general announced that five prosecutors had been sent to Panduro.
Illanes’s bodyguard escaped the scene after being stripped of his gun, and had been admitted to a clinic in La Paz.

Before the murder, miners had agreed with the government to start negotiating Friday morning at Bolivia’s vice presidential headquarters, on condition they open up blocked roads.


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