Sunday, 14 August 2016

Imam and associate shot dead in Newyork in suspected hate crime

An unidentified shooter just shot a New-York Imam Maulama Akonjee, 55. He was leaving the mosque after prayers on his way home  with his associate Thara Uddin, when the attacker fired at both of them.

 According to ABC online they were both wore a religious garb and were shot at close range from the back at 1.50pm. 

It was gathered that it was afternoon prayers they went for.Both men were taken to Jamaican hospital but unfortunately died from their injuries even as paramedics gave them lifesaving procedures.

Fingers have been pointing to Donald Trump citing his anti Muslim campaigns and Islamophobia which have in recent times caused increased hate on Muslims. The Queens and Brooklyn area was gathered is home to many Muslim families from Bangladesh.

Kobir Chowdhury, who heads the nearby Masjid Al-Aman mosque in Brooklyn, said: "Please, read my lips. This is a hate crime, no matter which way you look at it.
"It's hate against humanity, it's hate against Muslims, these are Islamophobes who are causing these kind of troubles."
The police are investigating the case leaving no stone upturned as they will also look into hate crimes. The suspect has been described as having medium complexion wearing a shorts and dark polo shirt. He was seen fleeing the scene with a gun

The dead Imam was described as a humble and peaceful man who could not hurt a fly. Muslim New-Yorkers have enjoined others for a peaceful protest to fight for justice so that such crime will not continue.

May their souls rest in peace.


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