Tuesday, 16 August 2016

16 year old girl tortured with an iron

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Fatima Williams and Waliu Yusuf, are two neigbours that are cooling themselves at the police nets right now.

Punch reports that they both violently burnt a 16 year old girl with an iron and electric cables.

According to sources she has been living with Williams who brought her from Cotonou to work as a housemaid since January 2006. She was allegedly tortured for not sweeping Williams popularly known as Alhaja's compound. 

Fortunately for the maid , a resident who saw what happened reported them to the police.According to Kemi she was asked to sweep the ground and clean the window but started with the window that made Alhaji angry when she came back and saw that the compound was not swept while Alhaja complained that she was a thief ,bed-wets and was very unruly, giving her a high bp from the stress she brought.And insisted she used the iron to scare her.

 She stressed that Kemi wanted to kill herself with an insecticide,she had to collect the substance which cause a scuffle in the process.While flogging her to loose a grip she called Yusuf her neighbour who was ironing and  the iron he was using down on Kemi.
The suspects will be arraigned in the court of law.


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