Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Zimbabwe in serious crisis as Mugabe's health worsens

Zimbabwe is experiencing a rise in activism in recent times. Anger is mounting in the country.Public shows of dissent, street protests, boycotts and internet activism are on the rise.

President Mugabe who is 92 years is aging. His health remains uncertain and the ruling party ZANU-PF party is having a succession battle. People are beginning to question who the source of their problem is.

There is a severe drought which has left millions hungry.A national strike closed many businesses,shops,schools on wednesday.Alos transportation was affected according to AFP. Civil servants who were loyal to the government because they were getting salaries are now among the angry people. No jobs, and Mugabe has proved to be a tough survivor since assuming power.

 His rule has been defined by antagonism towards the West and authorities have accused unnamed embassies for sponsoring the protests. Head of regional think tank southern African Political and Economic Series told AFP that nothing short of political and economic reforms will stop the crisis. It will continue like that until the end.

The government is desperately seeking IMF loan but international donors are wary of gthe support that could prolong the regime. Zimbabwe abandoned its currency for the US dollars in 2009 to end hyperinflation  spends more than 80% of its revenue on state's worker's wages and its rated the most corrupt nation worldwide.

A military coup is becoming increasingly likely


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