Sunday, 31 July 2016

Texas shooting, one dead,three seriously injured

Another shooting has occurred in the US .This time in Texas. Early sunday a man shot into a crowd as people tried to go out of a night club.

According to Yahoo news the unidentified gunman started shooting at 2.15am before fleeing. The motive of the attacks according to police is not yet known. There was pandemonium everywhere. People running helter, skelter .

A woman in her 20's died and three other women were seriously injured. Fortunately not life threatening wounds according to Austin Travis County Emergency Medical Services.

Another shooting ensured minutes after the first blocks away but the man was tackled by bystanders.Police believe both shootings are related. But later found out it wasn't after further investigations.

The suspect who was tackled was was taken to the hospital as he sustained injuries after being tackled.Texas in recent times has witnessed several shootings as other statesin the United States.

On June 12 a gunman killed 49 people at ta nightclub at Orlando Florida. The said gunman pledged allegiance to ISIS. There was another on July 7 where this time the police where the victims. A US military veteran shot and killed five police officers in Dallas. Over a week later another attacker killed three policemen in Baton Rouge,Louisiana.


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