Monday, 18 July 2016

Read why women posed nude against Trump

Cleveland Ohio just experienced an appalling feat where over 100 women posed nude on Sunday 17th July for an artistic project to boycott Donald Trump as the potential presidential candidate.

They all came together on the eve of the Republican National Convention with mirrors answering a photographer's call to blend art with politics and portray billionaire businessman Trump as unfit for the white-house.

According to AFP the photographer accused him of being a loser after the shoot and  the will be unveiled according to him before the November 8th elections.

As many as 100 women posed nude on Sunday (17 July) for an artistic project in Cleveland, Ohio, just a day before the 2016 Republican National Convention. The event will mark the official naming of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for the 2016 US presidential race.

In her blog on Tunick's website a woman insisted she will stand up for her reproductive rights. And further stated that as a Hispanic and first generation American she wants to be seen as  a member of this community. She further stressed that as a human being she wants to stand up against Trump and other Republicans who feel hateful speech towards women,immigrants,LGBT people and all others is good and poisoning the nation.

Cleveland has been experiencing several protests against Trump. They insist everybody should be treated equally and that since the women have been through different several harassment at some points in their lives, it was an opportunity to pose nude and overcome their bitterness.They feel Repbublican party has been projecting extremists nature of ideologies through their campaign.

A woman wrote that their stance on wanting to remove nbirth control instead of making family planning at low cost and accessible and also wanting to force women to have babies under rape was the last straw for her.


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