Thursday, 21 July 2016

Read what a teacher was caught doing to a student

A teacher is supposed to teach,mentor and protect her students. Unfortunately that was not the case in a private school in Igbala Community in Sango Ota,Ogun State.
The English teacher Sodeke was allgedly caught when a parent came to pick his child and saw the mouth of the teacher on the private part of the male student. This made the parent raise an alarm.

According to Punch, the teacher allegedly sexually assaulted the boy, 16year old Ajala after closing hours in one of the school offices. Sodeke was said to have instructed the boy to pull down his trousers to go ahead with the cowardly act.

The matter has since been reported to the Sango Police Division and Sodeke has been arrested. Another parent stated that the teacher was beaten up by a mob after the parent raised the alarm before taken to th police station.

It was also confirmed that the said teacher was living with the pastor brother until he caught him sucking the neighbour's private part and was sent packing. The said teacher according to the pupil had performed the act several times and  begged the boy not to say anything.

Sodeke has confessed to the crime and has been remanded to prison custody until he is charged to court.


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