Sunday, 24 July 2016

President Buhari insists the killers of Abuja Redeemed Pastor must be apprehended and face the consequences of their crime

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Eunice Elisha Olawale, the late Ekiti born Pastor with the Redeemed church who was brutally murdered while evangelizing has been buried with so much tears and sorrow.

However, apart from the visit from Pastor Adeboye to the grieving family where he said God will judge the killers, the Federal Government have vowed that the killers will be brought to book.

The great matyr ,42 years of age was buried at Gudu Cementary in FCT. Her children performed the ash to ash ceremony,weeping uncontrollably.

According to Punch Lawal, insisted the perpetrators of this cowardly act must be brought to book to teach others from desisting from such actions in the future because it is the right for all Nigerians to be free and safe in their environment while practicing their religion.

He further stated that prayers were been made for the perpetrators to seek fro repentance and prayed that God will console the grieving family and bless the soul of the dead.


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