Sunday, 31 July 2016

New Claims! Malaysian MH370 diverted by pilots?

According to one of the widows of MH370 the plane was diverted by pilots. 

Dailymail reports that Danica Weeks,42 whose husband was one of the passengers of the ill fated plane said the wife of the the Malaysian Prime Minister might have implied the pilots took the jet that disappeared on March 8, 2014.

She told Channel Nine's 60 minutes on Sunday night that when she spoke to the Prime minister's wife after the incident insisting she does everything in her powers to find her husband, she Rosmah Mansor (prime minister's wife)exclaimed' it was very horrible that someone would do that to 238 innocent people.' Insinuating the pilots took the plane.

 Ms Weeks further stressed that she feared that all passengers were still alive before the crash.A crash investigator from Canada Larry Vance told the program that the only probable logic to the event was that the pilots brought down the plane. 

In response, Australian Transport Safety Bureau crash investigator Peter Foley agreed to to the same theory. 

Mr Vance believes that a small section of the wing which could only have been extended by someone when landing was found a year ago off the coast of Madagascar and evidence of it been extended was seen. Analysis shows the plane was in a deployed state according to French Authorities. 

Dailymail gathered that a conclusion was made last week that divers had been hunting for MH370 in the wrong spot for two years. The latest theory by Dutch company say they believe the plane glided down with a pilot at the controls rather than dived in its final moments.


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