Saturday, 23 July 2016

Mohammed Ali's Son gets part of his $80million inheritance and dumps family afterwards

He was neglect by his late legendary boxer father , Mohammed Ali . But succor came when he inherited his own share of his father's $80million fortune.
Unfortunately, after collecting his inheritance he dumped his wife and two kids.

According to Radar on line after the hero boxer died on June3, the children met at California to discuss how to divide his estates. On receiving his share,Mohammed Ali jr gave his wife$75 to buy something nice,bought news shoes for his kids and also plans to set up a trust fund for his kids.

 But his family want him to get clean and get a job after suffering from  addiction for long without a job and living on food-stamps.

After leaving his wife dailymail reports that he is moving close to midway airport.Before the death of his dad during an interview he described the type of relationship he had with his family,his sisters and dad. He said he saw his dad on his 72nd and 73rd birthdays and sung happy birthday to him.

Sources close to him stated he is very simple and will not have problems as he moves forward with his life after the death of  his dad who he did not rely on while he was alive.


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