Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Melania Trump's plagiarised speech a huge debate

The wife of Donald Trump yesterday was introduced at the Republican convention to the delight of her husband.
Unfortunately accusations of plagiarism has dominated the Republican convention as part of her speech has some similarities with Michelle Obama's speech during the Democratic convention in 2008.

Speaking on CNN, Sean Spicer Chief strategist for RNC dismissed the controversy as silly and that there was no need to fire anyone.Earlier on Republican National committee Chairman Reince Priebus said he would probably fire the writer if it was actually plagiarized and was approved by him.

This controversy has raised serious questions about Trump's campaign's attention to detail as opposed to organized Hillary Clinton's and the raise to win the job of the president.

Governor of Jersey Chris Christie tried to defend the speech. He answered a question from NBC's today show stating the speech was 93% completely different from Michelle Obama's speech as they are both common values of many people.

 Democrats have opinionated that Trump's team are not ready for primetime.Trump himself who should know better made no mention of the plagiarism during his tweets but instead praise his wife. 10million people tuned in to watch her unlike the 11million that tuned  in 2012 Republican convention.

Her husband has been marked with different controversies over his stance on immigration and trade. His running mate Pence has asked for a united Republicans so that he can be elected.

The theme for the convention was 'Make America Work Again'. On the other hand Hillary campaign has pointed out that blaming Hillary was not the answer for every Trump campaign problem. The funny side of the speech is that it was mocked with the #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes with users playfully attributing well known quotes and song lyrics with the #


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