Monday, 11 July 2016

Job interviews used by kidnappers to lure vulnerable victims

Kidnapping is beginning to rise fast these days and kidnappers are beginning to devise desperate means to lure their victims.

One of this means is by using job interviews from un suspecting victims who are desperate for jobs in this hard times.

It was learnt that the kidnappers in Rivers State send text messages inviting people for job interviews but they eventually hold them hostage when they arrive the venue.

A civil servant, simply identified as Joesph told Southern city news how a friend's cousin was kidnapped after honoring an invitation for a job interview. He warned people not to honour job interviews that come through text messages /sms especially when they did not apply for it.

The family was contacted and asked for ransom. They have threatened to kill the man if the money which they cannot afford is not paid. That was on Sunday.The kidnappers first asked for N5m and later N2.5m.

God help us in this country and we should also be very careful in our dealings .


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