Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How a police inspector raped a 15yr old girl

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 The alleged victim was a student of community secondary school in Akwa Ibom State.
On her way home from school, the inspector allegedly raped her at gunpoint.

According to Punch, narrating her story, the school girl said the inspector threatened to shoot her if she tries to object or stop him from continuing with his disgusting act.

She narrated how he led her away to a lonely and dark road where he forceffully caressed her breasts saying as small as she was she had developed fast. She further explained how he forced her to remove her clothes and defiled her. Since she couldn't bear the pains and was bleeding, he took her from her vagina, the inspector took her to the station and and detained her from Thursday to Saturday. Her uncle eventually came to bail her out for the sum of N10,000. He was shocked when the girl pointed to the inspector that raped ,jailed  and still collected N10,000 for her release.


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