Sunday, 24 July 2016

Four people get the death sentence in Saudi Arabia

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The death penalty in recent years has increased in Saudi Arabia that Amnesty International has called on Saudi Authorities to to abolish it.
Unfortunately they have continued to execute people despite appeals from International communities.

Recently four citizens who were convicted of killing six people were executed by the Saudi authorities. The four people are; three brothers who were executed in the western city of Taif according to Guardian and another man thus making the killings increase to 105 deaths sentences this year alone.

In 2015, Guardian reports that Amnesty International stated they carried out 158 death sentences making it the third most prolific executioner after Iran and Pakistan excluding China who are secretive in their figures.

Murder and drug trafficking cases account for the majority of Saudi executions apart from the 47 people put to death for terrorism offences on a single day in January.

These people included the Shiite cleric Nimr al Nimr a prominent Shiite whose execution resulted in protests and protesters torched Saudi's diplomatic missions that eventually triggered a diplomatic crisis between the two arch rival countries.


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