Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Chinese Fishermen catch a mysterious creature

Two Chinese fishermen have reportedly caught a vicious creature. The mysterious creature which was caught July 16 in Wuham, Hubei Province measured 7ft in length and 220pounds in weight according to People's daily online.

The pictures of the creature has been circulating oinline.The fish was reportedly caught around 8.0am Saturday by two men named Zhang Chuanzhou and Zhang Xiaogang(father and son). When they caught it they taught it was a critically endangered specie before they released it looked stranger that that and contacted a local reporter.

An unidentified media personality told the that the hybrid is of Kaluga fish and another unidentified specie. An expert said the fish is not a native to the area and could have been released to the waters by someone who had purchased it. Presently the fish has been sent to the local wildlife rehabilitation centre.


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