Wednesday, 27 July 2016

British Security services warn on likely terror attack in UK

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The British security has warned on a likely terror attack in UK.
This is due to attacks in other parts of Europe. Churches in Britain have been told to tighten security after the murder of the 85year old priest in Normandy France.

Security has been heightened because of the recent threatening images in London and major world capitals posted on Jihadi messaging app. The British National Police Chief's Council is urging the community to be alert but not alarmed and to always report concerns and review their security as precaution.

According to daily telegraph, the police chief stated that Daesh and other terrorist groups have targeted Christians as well as Jews and other faith groups in the West and beyond and asked every member of the public to be vigilant in as much as there will always  be high security to ensure everyone's safety.

The warnings that a terror attack may happen in the UK came from Britains intelligence agencies according to daily telegraph.

The intelligence defended themselves in the mass collection of communications data and UK citizen's personal information without proper legal safeguards being in place. Furthermore, the Privacy International has taken the issue before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal(IPT) in London in a hearing expected to last four days.


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