Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Bill Cosby in 'Personal Hell';goes completely blind

Former America's TV dad Bill Cosby who is facing several sexual harassment allegations has reportedly gone completely blind.

According to NewYork post's page six it is as a result of a degenerative eye disease. This has made the comedian home bond. It is reported that Mr Cosby suffers from Keratoconus.

This is a condition which causes the bulging in the cornea. The disease is said to cause legal blindness. After his 79th birthday, he has not been seen due to this problem.

 It is reported that all his Hollywood friends have turned their backs on him due to the disease and it is hoped that his alleged victims who may feel he is in his own personal hell may have some pity on him.

His accusers are more than 50 women although  he has reportedly denied the allegations. Bur if found guilty can face up to 10years behind bars.


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