Friday, 22 July 2016

10,000 people arrested in Turkey over failed coup

 President Erdogan of Turkey has arrested about 10,410 people over the failed coup attempt on Friday last week. He stated that the number was 9,000 with about 4,060 detainees.

The large arrest is targeting supporters of US based cleric Fethullah Gulen. The president siad the suspects were behind the failed July 15 coup . Ankara has intensified checks on Turkish citizens leaving the country in a move to prevent people associated with he attempted coup frome escaping from authorities.

Punch gathered that people traveling from other country's international airports will provide proof of employment,civil servants ,their families will need authorization by their employer to travel. Other employers in the private sector will have to proof they work there. The government has said they will clean up the civil service from Gulen supporters. Civil servants abroad have been asked to return to the country while those in the country have been banned from travelling. There was a 90 day state of emergency due to the coup that left 260 people dead.

People have been celebrating the crushing of the coup.The president's spokesperson stated the confusion on the criticism from Europe about the incident. Saying that the state of emergency was a necessary step they as a country took where the same measure had taken place in France and Belgium over terrorists attack.

Out of the over 10,000 arrested, 7,423 were soldiers(including generals), 287 police officers and 2,014 judges and prosecutors. More than 37,500 civil servants and police officers have been suspended. 21,000 teachers in private schools have lost their licenses according to reports. Germany has stated talks have been slowed down following Turkey's accession to EU. US has stated that the power supply to the Incirlik base which was cut off due to the coup has been reinstated


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