Thursday, 3 December 2015

Oscar Pistorius 'could be out in three years' despite conviction for girlfriend's murder

Almost two years after her death, “it’s over now!” was the verdict of Reeva Steenkamp’s dad as Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of her murder.

The Blade Runner who gunned down beautiful law graduate Reeva was originally jailed for culpable homicide but his conviction has been upgraded following the prosecution’s victorious appeal.
Pistorius now faces a jail term of no less than 15 years - but despite the shocking about-turn, legal experts believe it is possible he could be a free man in just three years.

The jury system in South Africa was abolished in 1969 when the country was under apartheid amid fears of racial prejudice by white jurors.
Pistorius was tried in Pretoria High Court by Judge Thokozile Masipa who appointed two advisors to assist her.

After his conviction the prosecution asked Judge Masipa for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. They were unhappy he had not been convicted of murder.

This was granted after considering if a different court could have reached a different verdict.
Five Supreme Court judges then reviewed the case and made the rare decision to upgrade his conviction.


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